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Frank Corso Inc. provides expert and professional business consulting services to its clients all around the country and abroad. Identifying problems, creating solutions, arranging needed business financing, creating or enhancing a business model, branding identity, establishing policies, governance and methods to expand and grow is crtical in business.

Strategy & Organization


FRANK CORSO INC. provides key advise on developing strategies for business to be competitive in the markets they do business in.  Organization is the key to success. Most business fails to properly organize and plan. Frank Corso Inc. is a leader in developing strategies and real business plans for business to be successful.


Corporate Development


 FRANK CORSO INC.. is recognized nationally for its leadership and business acumen in corporate and business development.  Evaluating existing and creating new strategies for corporate and business development. Corporate identity is very important to the success of a business. Frank Corso Inc. has assisted scores of business in many industries on a myriad of matters.




FRANK CORSO INC. has assisted business adapt to and become part of the global market from entering new markets, identify new markets, modifying business models to expand into overseas markets, learn steps to out source, offer products and services in new and exciting arena's. Planning and implementing steps to attain the goals set forth in the plan can make all the difference.


​Strategic Planning




FRANK CORSO INC is one of the nations leading strategic business planners. A business plan , marketing strategies and branding is key to success and growth of any business.

Hundreds of  business and marketing plans and have been developed and written for clients along with critical thinking and advise have made a major difference in the lives of the principals of the business Frank Corso Inc. has served. The advise is priceless.





FRANK CORSO INC. develops, reinvents, expands and markets the brand of a business and its products or services via many different proven methods. Evaluating the business and its current ways it does business is the catalyst to create new brand awareness, markets and increase sales and exposure in new markets. Creating the tools is what  Frank Corso Inc can do for you.





FRANK CORSO INC. can secure financing for business through out the United States for most business uses. That includes (SBA, USDA, DOE, HUD), conventional, private, hard money, term loans, lines of credit, equipment leasing, real estate, construction, expansion, start up and more. We determine feasibility of financing and develop the entire loan package and work with underwriting till the loan closes. Corso is one of the nations leading business financing experts. 


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